Shotgun Deployment LVL 1 (LEO/MIL Only) POST Certified

Shotgun Deployment LVL 1

The shotgun is one of the most effective and versatile weapons available to the law enforcement officer. It is also the least understood and most under-utilized weapon system. Learn how to properly select, modify, feed and operate your defensive shotgun for optimum effectiveness. (LEO/MIL Only)

Training will include:

  • Types and Operation

  • Determining max effective range of your gun

  • Rapid Shooting Techniques

  • Rapid Loading Techniques

  • Select Slug Techniques

  • Handgun transitions

  • Multiple Targets

  • Movement

  • Effective use of cover

  • After Action Scanning Techniques

  • Qualification COF

Class Requirements:

•Minimum 200 birdshot shells
•50 Buckshot shells
•50 Slugs
•Eye/ear protection
•Pump-action or semi-auto shotgun

You will need something to hold extra rounds - If you have a side saddle or butt cuff on the gun that will work. If not, a dump pouch or large pockets would be very helpful.

Equipment Clarifications:

Shotgun - Semi-Auto or Pump - Do not bring a rifle barreled slug gun.

Slugs - Bring department issued slugs

Buckshot - Bring department issued buckshot

This is an 8-9 hour course. Class Location:

Humphreys County Sheriff Dept Range - 2123 Scepter Rd, Waverly, TN 37185