This course will teach you efficient techniques for handling and shooting the shotgun under stressful conditions for self-defense.

Defensive Shotgun Level 1

The shotgun is one of the most effective and versatile weapons available to the average private citizen. It is also the least understood and most under-utilized weapon system. Learn how to properly select, modify, feed and operate your defensive shotgun for optimum effectiveness.

Training will include:

Shotgun Selection
Types & Operation
Loading Techniques
Ammunition Selection
Shooting Techniques

Class Requirements:

•Minimum 150 birdshot shells
•40 Buckshot shells
•35 Slugs
•Eye/ear protection
•Pump-action or semi-auto shotgun

You will need something to hold extra rounds - If you have a side saddle or butt cuff on the gun that will work. If not, a dump pouch or large pockets would be very helpful.

Equipment Clarifications:

Shotgun - Semi-Auto or Pump - Do not bring a rifle barreled slug gun.

Slugs - Buy foster style slugs for smooth bore shotguns (We are big fans of Brenneke). Do not bring Sabots

Buckshot - Bring at least two different brands of buckshot you are considering to use for self-defense in your gun. Two different brands of 10 each will be sufficient.
We will also have something for you to try in your gun for comparison.

We prefer Low Recoil ammunition. Pump guns will have no issues with this but some Semi-Autos can be finicky. Check that your ammo works in your gun before class.

This is an 8 hour course. Classes are held at our private range near Franklin, TN.  Location and directions will be given upon successful registratio