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First let me just give a huge thank you to Justin Coyle, Darryl McCreary, and Mick Houston for helping me out at the beginners shooting class this past weekend. The guys at Condition 1 are avid shooters and know their game very well. We had a large class show up and they did a great job of both safety and instruction. The instructors were extremely professional and took their time on their range, especially with the more inexperienced in the group. Although this class was a beginners class there was a diverse group of shooters ranging from beginner to experienced shooter. The instructors gave ample time and instruction for all of the shooters on the line, both new and experienced alike.”
— Mike Hutchinson; skillsandgear.com
I like the way the class was structured. Multiple instructors and lots of valuable information and common sense. Very patient and knowledgeable instructors and no student is made to feel inferior due to lack of prior experience with a handgun. Lots of helpful tips at the range on how to hold and control the firearm. I had a great experience would highly recommend Condition One to anyone seeking a CCP or more firearm training.
— Mark Matthews
Very informative and educational level 2 class today in Franklin. I highly recommend that everyone who has a carry permit attend this class. It goes beyond the basics and allows for additional confidence in proper firearm handling. Can’t wait until the level 3 class.
— Steve Kennedy
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you, Justin, Darryl and Sean for a phenomenal class on Saturday. Having completed some training at other places, there were several things that stood out to me about Condition-1.

It’s clear that you guys are highly experienced and trained yet there is no ego or bravado involved. All of you are very approachable, friendly and down to earth guys. This is a pretty big deal for me, but it made a world of difference to my wife and her ability to take in the knowledge and skills you guys were teaching.

The emphasis placed on developing skills to spot pre-assault behaviors and tactics to deal with them was great. It seems like I typically see de-escalation discussed when an altercation has already begun, but the focus on avoiding the initial interaction all together was a first for me and a real eye opener.

Having four instructors at the class was awesome! The high level of attention and interaction with the instructors that this allowed was fantastic. Being able to get immediate feedback and coaching to correct an issue is invaluable.

Thanks again and I look forward to training with you guys in the future,
— Matt Graham
“What a great investment! I just completed my first training session with Condition-1 and have to say this is one of the best investments of time and money I have made in a long time. Although this old granny grew up around guns, I learned some very valuable lessons and techniques that have given me a new foundation upon which to build. I highly recommend Condition One Firearm Academy to anyone, novice or veteran, looking to improve their skills.”
— Cheryl Warren
My wife & I along with 2 ladies from our church completed the Hand Gun Permit course on Feb. 16th and it was worth every penny. Mick & the guys are very knowledgeable instructors, communicate well, patient, and great guys. I have already recommended Condition-1 to family and friends
— Keith Hatton
I can’t say enough about this class and these instructors. I was apprehensive about pretty much EVERYTHING. The information was thorough, they were so professional and ensured that I understood it all. Mostly I want to say how thankful I am that they put me at ease every step of the way. Also I liked the variety of the other participants in the class. Well worth the time, cost and effort.
— Aleta Matthews
Thanks guys. Had a blast today! I can’t even begin to tell how valuable the lessons are that I received today. The learning environment you facilitate is perfect. I’ll be unpacking this for a good while. Thanks for all the tools you equipped me with. Can’t wait to get back out there with you again! If I can, you’ll see me at handgun 3!
— Nathan Spradlin
I took the class on August the 25th and was very pleased. I have been shooting for some 45 years, Rifles, Shotguns, and Handguns but I just learned how to use a Handgun properly during this class. I highly recommend this class to anyone that has an interest in a CCW permit or just wants to know how to select, operate, and properly handle a weapon.
— Frank Golden
Any day you get to spend outdoors is great. But when you get to spend the day shooting with an OUTSTANDING group of cadre at a great range in Middle Tennessee it is an awesome privilege and even a blessing. Thank for the training
— Jason Swift