Mick Houston


Mick Houston is a founding owner of Condition-1 Firearms Academy. Drawn to the martial arts at an early age he has a strong background in combative arts including instructorship in Jun Fan Gung Fu and the Filipino Martial Arts. Firearms training was a natural progression that has become a passion. He is a TN certified instructor and holds an advanced instructor and shotgun instructor certification from Rangemaster. He promotes a well rounded self defense skill set from a civilian perspective.

Some of Mick’s Training resume…
Rangemaster Advanced Instructor and Shotgun Instructor - Tom Givens
Yavapai Firearms Academy - The Late Louis Awerbuck
Cumberland Tactics - Randy Cain
Suarez International - Randy Harris
GTI - Gomez Training International - The Late Paul Gomez
Way of the Gun - Frank Proctor
Shivworks - Craig Douglas (Southnarc)
Mossey Academy of Martial Arts - JKD - Bryan Mossey (Inosanto Lineage)

Associate Instructor Certification:
Jun Fan Gung Fu
Filipino Martial Arts

Privileged to train with these martial artists over the last 20 years - the late Terry Gibson, Steve Todd, Damon Force, Harley Elmore

Darryl Mccreary

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Darryl McCreary is a co-founding instructor at Condition-1 and the owner operator of Lead Mountain, Condition-1’s private home range in Williamson County TN. Darryl was introduced to shooting at the age of 5 and has been an avid shooter ever since. In addition to the shooting sports, he has expressed a lifetime interest in the martial sciences and trained in Wado  and Shotokan karate in Junior High and High School. Later in life he trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Jun Fan Gung Fu, boxing, Muay Thai and Filipino Martial Arts. Darryl holds Instructor and Advanced Instructor certifications from Tom Givens at Rangemaster.

Some of Darryl’s training resume…
Rangemaster Instructor, Advanced Instructor and Shotgun - Tom Givens
Intensive Carbine and CQB basics - Direct Action Resource Center - Richard Mason
Strategic Edge - Defensive Carbine
Suarez International, AK fundamentals - Randy Harris
Shivworks, Intro to Edged Weapons - Craig “SouthNarc” Douglas
Way of the Gun, Performance Pistol - Frank Proctor
Defensive Pistol - Chuck Hagard
Basic Appendix Carry Techniques - Spencer Keeper
Mossey Academy of Martial Arts - Bryan Mossey

Justin Coyle


Justin Coyle is a police officer with a large agency in the Nashville area who continues to seek the best tactics and training he can find. Joining the Condition-1 team he brings with him over five years of professional work experience in a police patrol capacity. He also holds an instructor certification from Rangemaster and is TN state certified. He has trained with Mick Houston and Darryl McCreary for over a decade. He believes that training needs to be evaluated and adapted in order to stay relevant. Staying true to the principles of self defense he wants to promote a safe and prepared citizen for today's world.

Some of Justin's training resume...
Rangemaster, Tom Givens
1 in 100, Ben Kurata
Direct Action Resource Center (DARC)
GTI - Gomez Training International - The Late Paul Gomez

Other Instructor Certifications:
Reduced Light Tactics
Police Patrol Rifle Instructor
Field Training Officer with home agency