Designed specifically for women this course will help you build skill and the confidence to protect yourself and your loved ones. We will focus on the combat triad - Marksmanship, Gun Handling and Fighting Mindset.

Ladies Only Defensive Handgun

Training will include:

Proper defensive mindset, personal tactics, and more
Quick review of shooting fundamentals
Ready positions
Effectively presenting the pistol from a holster
High speed accuracy at close ranges
Rapid reloading techniques
Fixing malfunctions rapidly and reliably
Movement skills, including effectively engaging targets on the move
Weapon retention/Shooting techniques
Effective scanning techniques for locating additional threats

A Handgun Carry Permit or similar class from an approved school

Level 2 Course Requirements:

  • Min. 300 rounds of factory ammo (no reloads)
  • Appropriate pistol
  • At least three magazines
  • Quality holster
  • Suitable belt
  • Magazine carrier
  • Eye and ear protection

This is an 8 hour course. Classes are held at our private range near Franklin, TN.  Location and directions will be given upon successful registration.