The purpose of these courses are to help the student establish a warrior mindset and fundamental skill set with the carbine that will allow the student to prevail in an armed encounter. 

defensive carbine I

Using core principals, speed will be built, reaction time shortened and accuracy increased. Through increasing levels of difficulty over multiple repetitions the student will fire approximately 400 rounds during class establishing muscle memory and confidence.  

While this course is based on the AR-15/M-16 family of weapons, students have successfully completed it using firearms from the AK family as well as H&K's and M-14's.  If you intend to use something other than the AR it would be wise to contact us to discuss the particulars as imposed by your weapon choice.

The bulk of the shooting will take place between five and fifty yards (Close Quarters Battle distances). You do not have to be an accomplished long range shooter to prevail at CQB distances and be successful in this course. We will also work pistol transitions for those that are competent with a pistol and want to participate.

Training will Include:

Weapon characteristics and variants
Basic Maintenance
Sight in theory and procedure
Conquering sight offset
Weapon manipulation fundamentals
Scans and ready positions
Magazine changes
Malfunction clearances
Shooting positions
After Action Assessment

Please show up with your weapon at least fairly well sighted in at 50 yards, optics and irons.  Magnified optics at 100 yard BZO.  We will shoot to confirm zero, but we really want this to be largely a formality so we can move on into fighting skills.  With all the different types of iron sights and optics on the market getting a full class sighted in can be very time consuming.

This one day course will focus on the fundamental use of America's rifle: the AR15.

Class Requirements:

  • Min. 400 rounds of factory rifle ammo
  • 100 rounds pistol ammo
  • At least 3 magazines
  • System for carrying spare mags
  • Cleaning supplies for maintenance portion
  • Functioning AR rifle and a sturdy sling
  • Appropriate pistol/Holster
  • Eye/ear protection

(Email us to see if your rifle qualifies.)

This course is 8 hours.
Classes are held at our private range near Franklin, TN.
Directions will be given upon successful registration.

AK Operator

The AK47 was the created by Russian tanker turned weapon designer Mikhail Kalashnikov. Since it's introduction an estimated 100 million including its variants have been produced making it the most prolific firearm in the world. Its simplicity, ruggedness, reliability and ballistic effectiveness have made it a favorite among many.

Though some may view it only as a battlefield pick-up weapon, we feel it can fulfill the role of a citizen defensive rifle. In this course we will capitalize on the inherent strengths of its design, increase the operators understanding, skill level and fighting ability with this highly effective weapon system.

Training will include:

Marksmanship fundamentals
Sighting methodology
Manipulation of control devices
Ready and carry positions
Non-diagnostic stoppage techniques
Shoulder transitions
Loading, unloading, reloading
Fighting positions - shooting on the move
Change of direction drills
Cover versus Concealment
After Action Assessment

Class Requirements:

• One AK pattern rifle
• Minimum three mags (more is better!)
• 300 rounds of factory ammunition (no re-loads!)
• Sturdy two point sling
• Chest rig/Sneaky bag/Mag Pouches (your choice)
• Dump pouch
• Eye and ear protection

This course is 8 hours.
Classes are held at our private range near Franklin, TN.
Directions will be given upon successful registration.